Welcome to BlueBus

BlueBus, an initiative by Dimensions into the field of IOT, offers solutions for digital signage ads, vehicle tracking, e-Ticketing via NFC cards, bus stops and bus stations displays, showing arrival & departure details of buses (which is also applicable for other modes of transportation), either as standalone informative screens or with advertisements / informative advts / messages etc.
Displays within a bus or other modes of transportation, provides information of the approaching bus stop, and the estimated time to reach each of the remaining bus stops irrespective of an internet connection or not.

Our Features

Digital Ad

Displays the Next Stop information, while the bus is nearing a stop, both voice and display informs Reaching... More

Vehicle Tracking

At Bus Stops, displays information in real time, the details of buses arriving within the next few minutes... More

E - Ticketing

Displays within bus, bus stops and bus stations, in addition to guiding passengers on the move, will display... More

Live Tv and Internet

At Bus Stations, displays show the details of buses arriving within the next few minutes and the destination... More

Benefits for Players

  • Advertisement on the move has a wider reach to different sections of the society.
  • Product advertisers have the benefit of short term advertising and the option to select the location, route where a particular ad is to be displayed.
  • Advertisers can promote their products and get feedback using the quiz facility which can be aired through the VMS platform.
  • Advertisement cost will be compartively lower than other visual forms and the reach is to the majority sections that commute daily via public transports.
  • Advertisement Agencies can generate revenue via Advertisement on the move / Digital out Of Home marketing (DOOH) campaigns.